Turn Your Enthusiasm Into Action – And Turn Scott County Red!

There are many ways to utilize your time and talents and volunteer around our community and state!

Take a look at our list of committees and let us know how you would like to get involved at Scott County RW

Here are other ideas of how to get involved:

*Register to vote and then always vote*


At Your School:

  • Attend School Board meetings (Opportunities for public input)
  • Join Your PTA
  • Volunteer In The Classroom/At The School
  • Run For School Board

In Your County:

  • Volunteer At Scott County Republican Headquarters (scottcountyrepublicans.org)
  • Join The Central Committee
  • Become A Precinct Leader/Caucus Leader
  • Walk In Parades
  • Be A Poll Watcher/Worker (https://www.co.scott.ia.us/auditor/poll-workers)
  • Attend Candidate Events/GOP Events
  • Run For Office

In Your City:

  • Attend City Council Meetings (Opportunities for public input)
  • Write a letter to the editor ([email protected])
  • Run for Office (https://www.co.scott.ia.us/auditor/election-central)

For A Specific Candidate:

  • Sign Their Petition
  • Donate Money
  • Lit Drop/Door Knock
  • Write Personal Notes To Friends/Neighbors
  • Utilize Your Social Media For Candidates
  • Display A Yard Sign Or Barn Sign
  • Volunteer In Campaign Offices